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Hypertension – Antihypertensive Pharmacology

Antihypertensive pharmacology always shows up on major nursing exams and the NCLEX. Therefore, it is essential to focus on these various drugs that calm the heart and lower the blood pressure.

Antihypertensive medications are the following:

– ACE Inhibitors
– Beta Blockers
– Calcium Channel Blockers
– Diuretics
– Dilators

All of these antihypertensive drugs have an equivalent side effect and administration precaution.

Other Drugs

Antihypertensive drugs are not the only ones that can be given to hypertensive patients. Though these do not directly affect blood pressure, they are effective in clog prevention inside the arteries. Anti-platelets and cholesterol lowering drugs are the two types of anti-clogging medications that are mainly given.

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