This is a quick video explaining what some of the best foods to eat for improving heart health are.

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The medical world places very little emphasis on eating right as they believe all you need is more medication and that is proven in a recent report on Diabetes we wrote about in our article last week. If you missed I suggest to take a look as it will blow your mind.

The diets associated with diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and heart disease are very similar and in most cases are the underlying cause. If you can address these problems you can go a long way to preventing these deadly diseases.

Some simple questions to ask yourself are:

Do I eat enough vegetables, in particular greens?
Do I drink enough water?
Do I skip meals?
Do I eat too much sugar?
Do I drink too much coffee or alcohol?
Do I eat take away meals?
How much stress do I have and do I need to have a way of reducing this?
Do I walk at least 10,000 steps per day?
Do I do resistance training 3 times per week?
Do I complete cardio training exercise 2 times per week?

Once you identify your area or areas of concern causing inflammation in your body you need to put a plan in place to improve the lifestyle habits. By reducing the inflammation you improve your overall health substantially.

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