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More than 360,000 people died from coronary artery disease in 2019. While there is no cure to the disease, you can take steps to lower your risk and manage the harmful plaque build-up impacting your health.

The information in this video was accurate as of 11.25.2021 and is for information purposes only. Consult your local medical authority or your healthcare practitioner for advice.

0:00 Intro
0:12 What is coronary artery disease?
0:26 What are the signs of coronary artery disease?
0:41 Can you reverse coronary artery disease?
1:04 What are statins?
1:34 What are the treatments for coronary artery disease?
1:46 Make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk.
2:07 Taking medication can help treat coronary artery disease.
2:25 What is a coronary stent procedure?
3:03 What is coronary artery bypass graft surgery?
3:36 What’s the best treatment for coronary artery disease?
3:45 When should you talk to your doctor about coronary artery disease symptoms?

Can Statins Actually Reverse Plaque Buildup:
What You Should Expect From Statin Therapy:
Cholesterol Guidelines & Heart Health:

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