Hypertension first is classified as anybody who has the systolic blood pressure higher than 170 and diastolic pressure higher than 90. If this condition is found under a person under age of 30 years then you’re talking about a young person getting hypertension, hypertension before 30 means the are trees are in a beautiful state the heart is beating very nicely there is no reason for this person getting Hypertension until and unless, now again there are two factor one factor is something is essential hypertension in which no known cause is found, the heart is okay, the arteries are fine, the cholesterol is normal yet the person’s BP is never this could be genetic but this is a very very small percentage of the over all problem. The higher percentage of problem always comes from Lifestyle, Lifestyle again we can divide into two, first thing is substance abuse alcohol, cigarette believe it is the shortest method of shooting your BP . You have it in your own hand literally saying so. Second thing is lack of sleep bad time table when you don’t think that your body needs to rest because you’re young and you’re energetic. No, that is the time skip as compared to death and that is a time and all the functions of the body take a backseat and this way you need to give yourself that rest, third thing is the high stress with everybody seems to be mounting for that is again something which you need to deal with the daily dose of exercise, if all these Lifestyle measures are taken care of and then they are medicines which can help your heart remain normal even with high BP Levels is good enough and nobody cannot walk outside the realms of reality, have a good lifestyle and then come to a solution.