Many people know it is not a good idea to smoke, but they keep doing it. It is easier to say you will quit than to actually do it. This article is meant for good.

Let your family and friends know if you want to stop smoking. When you entrust the people around you with this information, they can help you keep temptation away and stay motivated. This could potentially be the extra motivation you need to stop smoking.

TIP! When you decide to quit smoking, find a support group to help. It can be helpful to you to speak to people who know what you’re going through, who also can identify with the physical and emotional strain you may be experiencing.

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress brought on by nicotine withdrawals. If you don’t exercise, you should begin slowly and gradually increase the pace and intensity. You should consult a physician before pursuing any exercise routine.

For instance, if you tend to smoke while driving or while drinking, you must change this behavior while performing these tasks, or go to a different room to talk so that you do not think about lighting a cigarette. Try to find something to take your mind off of distraction that will serve as a substitute.

You will be more successful if you do not try to stop smoking cessation. You may also gain quite a bit from joining a support group for people that are trying to stop smoking.

TIP! When quitting smoking, take each day as it comes. Just work on avoiding tobacco today, forever will take care of itself.

For instance, after a week without smoking, treat yourself to a movie. After you make it a month, reserve a spot at a restaurant that you rarely get to enjoy. Continue creating rewards to work towards until you forget about the urge to smoke.

Most people who try to quit will tell you that it was necessary to kick the habit more than once. When you decide to quit smoking, try to stick to abstinence for as long as possible. If you do relapse, establish a new quit date. Each time, learn what went wrong and strive to quit for longer the next time.

You should now understand that quitting smoking is possible if you put in the effort. The key is remaining determined and sticking to the plans you make for yourself. If you follow these step and utilize the advice that was shared in this article, you should soon be living a smoke-free life.