The answer is no. If you have very high blood pressure also you don’t need to get admitted. We can treat you in the outpatient basis. All you need to do is to take medicationary control of the pressure but then you need to be seen by your doctor. Don’t self medicate ever because the doctor needs to determine whether the high blood pressure causes any damage to the any of the organs of the body this is called as target organ damage so we look at whether the patient who is having high blood pressure is having a headache, or a buzzing in the head. This is called as hypertensive encephalopathy or high blood pressure affecting the brain function. So you can also have a situation or where somebody is having breathlessness because of high blood pressure. The blood pressure is so high that it is causing breathing difficulty in the individual. So this is again another condition we need to admit the patient who is having high blood pressure. So more than the blood pressure levels itself, it is also what other problems the patient is having that determine whether the patient needs to stay in a hospital or not.

Dr. Anantharaman Ramakrishnan
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