Hypertension people are generally obese and that means their fat is high which does not allow the internal organs to work properly. First of all it would be to reduce the weight, fat reducing ingredients are cinnamon seeds in the morning with an empty stomach as soon as the person wakes up. One spoon of cinnamon powder with water so so that fat starts reducing, they have to take fiber rich diet on like whole grains, Legumes, pulses whole foods especially in various colours in different colours maybe in a day 4 to 5 different cut fruit salads and vegetables, more nutrient-rich diet, to cut down on the meat and poultry like enough to consume only once a week because the meat also comes with extra fat and puts burden on the liver. They have to take some dry fruits like a handful of dry fruits in all the varieties like walnuts, almonds, lion dates etc so that they get more protein and Virgin fats which their body needs. Take 10 glasses of Garlic everyday and especially in the morning because in empty stomach it’s more useful and they have to cut down smoking and drinking either they have to stop or if they cannot stop they have to reduce like once a week only.
So, all this success will be will be helpful to them to lead a healthy life. Taking a supplementation like garlic pills Omega and other vitamins and minerals which are deficit in their body would be advisable, so they can meet a nutritionist and deal with it would be helpful.