He’s now 5, but Quinn Urban still feels like a new gift to his mom Amy. For years, she and her husband had struggled to have a baby. When she finally got pregnant, she wanted to know exactly what to expect.

“I hate surprises, so I read everything I could get my hands on,” says Urban. “And, the books, they do talk about complications in pregnancy.”

But, Amy’s pregnancy was easy. The hard part didn’t come until after Quinn was born.

Within a few days after she came home from the hospital, she felted tired, and achy in her neck and shoulders.

” I just equated (it) to nursing, and trying to nurse, and looking at my baby,” Urban says.

Then, the headaches began. Serious headaches.

“I just remember I was taking a shower one night and I had to sit down,” Urban says. “It was, really, the worst headache of my life.”

Amy’s blood pressure was high, but not dangerously so. So she and her husband waited, check it again at the grocery store. Normal blood pressure 120/80 or lower.

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