Living a healthy lifestyle and keeping your heart happy doesn’t have to be difficult! UC Davis Health’s Genevieve Lynch, a heart failure nurse practitioner, and Margaret Junker, a dietician and certified diabetes educator, discuss 7 easy ways to stay heart healthy and offer simple changes that you can make to your everyday habits.

Tips for healthy eating and cooking:
Learn how to quit tobacco:
Learn more about the American Heart Association Simple 7:
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0:00 Welcome!
0:44 Step 1 – Healthy diet
3:00 Step 2 – Getting active
6:42 Step 3 – Controlling blood sugar
10:19 Step 4 – Watch your cholesterol
13:24 Step 5 – Weight management
22:02 Step 6 – Monitor blood pressure
27:14 Step 7 – Live smoke free
31:21 Resources

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