An overview of traditional heart health risk factors, symptoms of heart disease and how the pandemic may affect overall heart health

Hear from Kerrilynn Hennessey, MD on why it’s important to ‘know your numbers’, understand contributing factors of heart disease, and how the pandemic has impacted heart health risk factors.

Lifestyle, including what you eat, how active you are, and how much alcohol you consume, is a key factor that contributes to your overall heart health. For many, lifestyle choices have changed since the pandemic began.

Dr. Hennessey shares the latest information on how the pandemic has shifted heart-health risk factors. She also talks about why it’s important to maintain your annual wellness appointments and avoid delays in care when it comes to your heart and other critical preventive measures.

Heart Health in a Pandemic is presented as part of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health’s Healthy Living Series. This event was recorded via Zoom on February 23, 2022.