What are the best supplements for your heart? Our expert shares her tips and top supplements to help your heart.

Your heart is one of THE most important organs, and sometimes we need a helping hand making sure we get all our body needs. Katie Brown, product developer at Myprotein is here to tell us what supplements we can use to keep the heart healthy.

There are a lot of risk factors for poor heart health; heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and things that we can’t change like genetics, age and gender, which puts us all at a different level of risk. A range of lifestyle factors can also play a role, including if you smoke, your exercise regularity, if you’re stressed or if you’re not getting enough sleep. Of course, having a balanced diet can help keep your heart healthier.

But seriously, heart problems aren’t a joke. If you have any symptoms of heart disease or any other heart related problems, please speak to your doctor.

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – What are the risk factors?
01:11 – How fibre can help
02:15 – How much fibre should you have?
02:37 – Increasing Stanol intake
03:05 – Balancing salt intake
03:25 – Supplements that help heart health
04:57 – Any more heart health questions?


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