Your heart does a lot for you every day, show a little appreciation by adopting these changes in your daily habits

While it is true that most people know that a good diet accompanied by a proper exercise routine can keep our hearts healthy, few of us put it into practice. A physically active lifestyle is associated with a reduction in the frequency and mortality of cardiovascular disease.

Here are 10 key points to consider in your day-to-day habits to help your heart work as efficiently as possible.

1. Move more
2. Follow a healthy and balanced diet (eat healthy fats, NOT trans fats)
3. Stop smoking
4. Limit alcohol consumption
5. Watch your weight
6. Perform pleasant activities and eliminate stress
7. Have regular medical Check-Ups
8. Get enough sleep
9. Avoid sitting up for long periods
10. Celebrate small accomplishments

⚠️ Everyone is at risk for heart disease. But you are at higher risk for heart disease if you:
Have high cholesterol or high blood pressure
Are overweight or obese
Don’t get enough physical activity
Don’t eat a healthy diet

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