How to dry hibiscus flowers for a beautiful tea that helps as a natural remedy to manage high blood pressure or hypertension. My mother swears by this tea and she’s seen great improvement since she started drinking it. I love it because it’s naturally sweet and tart with a gorgeous color {great as a natural food color too!} You can flavor it with lime, orange, cinnamon, ginger, honey or whatever you desire. I love enjoying it chilled, infused with different fruit or turned into tropical popsicles. I’m also experimenting with a homemade wine. Let me know if you’d like me to make a video. Drink to your health and cheers to a natural way to beat the heat this summer!

If you can’t find fresh hibiscus flowers:

½ c packed hibiscus tea
4 c filtered, warm water
½ lime
Optional: sweetener, ginger/cinnamon/etc

To dry your own hibiscus, pick untreated/organic flowers.
Peel the petals off then rinse and pat them dry.
You can dry them in the sun in a single layer or use a dehydrator.
In my dehydrator, they take 45-60 minutes for 4 trays.
Steep ½ cup for 20 minutes {with ginger/cinnamon/etc if using.} For a stronger taste, use more tea versus brewing for longer so they don’t get bitter. You can also allow the sun to heat it for 6-12 hours.
Sweeten if desired and take warm or chill in the fridge. I like to infuse with fruit.

Ready dried Hibiscus Flowers:

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