Many claim that herbs, extracts & supplements will lower your High Blood Pressure naturally, but these do very little for your blood pressure and don’t address the root cause of the problem. There is a natural way to lower High Blood Pressure and I will teach you in this video.

High Blood Pressure increases your risk of many problems and lowering your blood pressure will return your risk to normal. It is simple to lower High Blood Pressure by following this easy plan.

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Dr Unwin’s study:
MetaAnal minimal benefit from salt restriction:
Salt-Blood Pressure Hypothesis based on little science:
Low Salt Diet increases Cardiac events:
Adequate Salt intake controls water balance:
Rat study showing sea salt heart/kidney protective:
Salt required for proper nerve conduction:
S.A. 2011 Article, End War on Salt:
IOM No benefit from very low sodium diet:
Low Sodium diet increases Insulin Resistance:

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00:00 – Intro to Salt & High Blood Pressure
00:40 – 06:15 Where Salt/Blood Pressure Myth came from
06:16 – 07:43 How much salt you need for good health
07:44 – 09:58 What should your Goal Blood Pressure be?
09:59 – 13:47 How to Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally
13:48 – 15:55 How to decrease your Blood Pressure medication(s)