In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is considered the Emperor of all organs. The Heart also houses the “Shen” aka the “Spirit of the Heart”.

❤The Heart System regulates:
👉Circulatory System, Blood, Pericardium, Small Intestine, Tongue, Speech, Triple Burner, Face and Facial Expressions.

❤The Heart System corresponds to:
👉Acceptance, Awareness, Perception, Centeredness, Self-love, Love of Others, Respect, Joy/Sadness, Depression, Harmony, Peace, Protection, Balance, Connection, and Propriety.

❤The element associated with the Heart System is Fire🔥

❤Common Patterns of Heart Excess or Deficiency include:
Palpitations, shortness of breath, fever, excess sweating, night sweats, insomnia, emotional stress, sadness, pale face, tiredness, feeling cold, dull complexion, disconnection, anxiety, confusion, poor memory, incoherent speech, rash behavior, feeling under-nourished, sense of loss after a life change, thirst, bitter taste, difficult or incoherent speech, uncontrolled laughter, pain in heart arm or shoulder, blue lips & nails, mental restlessness.

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