The need for a cigarette can really be inconvenient and awkward social situations. You have to stop conversation and go outside to have a cigarette, and it doesn’t feel the same if you have to make do with something other than smoking. Read on to find out what you quit smoking once and for all. The following article below contains a lot of helpful techniques you achieve your goal.

Make your attempts as easy on yourself as you can. Do not ever try to quit cold turkey way. There’s a 95% chance you’ll fail if you use this method. Nicotine is an extremely addicting substance, so medication, therapy or medication. This will ease you through the difficult early withdrawal stages and make quitting less difficult.

TIP! To boost your odds of successfully quitting smoking, think about putting down on paper all the potential advantages and consequences of quitting. Writing out the benefits can help to elucidate the advantages of the action you are taking.

Make a list of strategies to help you can use to quit. Each person is unique as to how they get things and accomplishing goals. It is very important to find what your best options are. Creating your own personal list does this.

If you just cannot give up cigarettes without the cravings overwhelming you, supplement your attempts with nicotine replacement products such as nicotine gum or patches.

Talk to your doctor if you want to stop smoking. Your doctor could have quitting resources that you might not have in your possession.

TIP! Quit smoking as easily as possible. Don’t try quitting outright without a coping plan in place.

For instance, when you haven’t smoked for a week, take yourself out to a movie. Once a months has past, go out to dinner at a new restaurant. Continue creating rewards to work towards until you forget about smoking any more.

Cut back before you smoke. This can begin the process of a smoke-free life. Try a delay of one hour after waking before having your first morning cigarette. You can also try to only smoke just one half of a cigarette at a time to cut down on your smoking.

The only way to stop smoking is to just stop right now. Stopping completely is the only way to start your journey. Just stop completely and do not start doing it again. This method can appear somewhat harsh.It has been shown to be the most effective in the long run.

Post this rewards list where you will be able to see it each day. This will allow you motivated when it’s tough to stay on track.

Find support through online forums and message boards.There are a lot of different websites that are meant to assist people stop smoking. It might help you to compare your techniques for quitting with others.

Plan how you can deal with stress.Many smokers get used to lighting up when something stressful happens. Have more than one idea in case the first plan doesn’t work.

TIP! Start up some type of exercise, in order to keep your mind busy, and stay away from cigarettes. You can also lower your stress levels by exercising.

To increase your motivation to stop smoking, remember your loved ones and how your smoking impacts your health and theirs. Statistics prove that one in five deaths in America alone are tied to smoking cigarettes. Do your best not allow yourself to become a number!

If you are tired of smoking, you’ve beaten half the battle. These tips have given you techniques that can help you successfully stop smoking. Try out some of the different strategies you have just read in order to help you leave your desire to smoke behind.