With support from the National Institute on Aging, CU Boulder researchers are running a clinical trial to learn more about what the ultra-time-efficient exercise known as Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST) can do for human health, such as reducing heart attack risk and giving athletes an edge.

“It’s basically strength-training for the muscles you breathe in with,” explains Daniel Craighead, a postdoctoral researcher in the Integrative Physiology department. “It’s something you can do quickly in your home or office, without having to change your clothes, and so far it looks like it is very beneficial to lower blood pressure and possibly boost cognitive and physical performance.”

“High blood pressure is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is the number one cause of death in America,” said Craighead. “Having another option in the toolbox to help prevent it would be a real victory.”

Learn more: https://www.colorado.edu/today/2019/02/25/novel-workout-improves-health