An e-Cig is a miniature electronic cigarette which uses a replaceable cartridge or container to produce a puff of vapor which resembles that of cigarette smoking. An e-Cig is an electronic device which simulates actual tobacco smoking with an electronic puff. It consists of an atomiser, a rechargeable power source like a lithium battery, and a tube like container like a tank or a drip tip.


Unlike an actual cigarette, in which you will need to put the tobacco into a pack to be ready to smoke it, the e-Cig can be used without tobacco. As such, an e-Cig is often referred to as “smoking” using the same inhalation method. However, the use of this device is not recommended for people who are allergic to cigarette smoke or are under medical treatments which may make them unable to inhale nicotine.

It has been suggested that there are many health benefits from the use of electronic cigarettes, although the exact benefits have not been fully proven. Some experts state that the benefits of the use of e-Cigs over actual tobacco cigarettes are quite large, while others say there is no evidence that these devices even help smokers quit smoking. The jury’s still out.

According to some reports, these health benefits of the e-Cig are due to the way the vapor is delivered. When an actual cigarette is smoked, the smoke is carried into the lungs through the lungs. In contrast, when the same smoke is inhaled with an e-Cig, the smoke travels through the nose and mouth, causing the smoker to experience the same pleasurable feelings as when smoking an actual cigarette.

In addition to the physical reactions from inhalation of the smoke from an e-Cig, there are also several different psychological benefits to the use of the device. Studies show that individuals who have tried to stop smoking using a real cigarette tend to use e-Cigs more often than those who have tried to quit using an actual cigarette. While this may sound counter-intuitive, studies show that individuals who use e-Cigs more often tend to use them more frequently in non-smoker areas, such as on airplanes.

There are numerous reasons why people use an e-Cig, including: to get a quick nicotine fix without having to smoke, to control your cravings for nicotine and stop smoking naturally, and to quit using tobacco products which are harmful to the body. These are just a few reasons why this type of alternative is gaining popularity.

While it is true that the use of an e-Cig is not as harmful as the use of a real cigarette, it is still a serious health risk. You should use caution when trying to decide if an e-Cig is right for you.

Although there have been no documented cases of serious side effects from the use of an e-Cig, there are many potential dangers, such as nicotine poisoning, from smoking traditional cigarettes. The same cannot be said for other e-Cig products which use other chemicals as ingredients. One of the most common dangers from using an electronic cigarette as compared to regular cigarette use include the development of a high, even burning sensation when the smoke from the e-Cig is inhaled. The amount of heat released during the smoking process can cause damage to sensitive skin and can also cause shortness of breath.

As previously mentioned, many users of an e-Cigs claim that they feel less anxiety, depression and fatigue when using an e-Cig to stop smoking. These effects are attributed to the fact that the individual does not have to deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with using cigarettes.

There is some debate as to the long term health effects of using an e-Cig to stop smoking. There have been some claims that the negative effects are very limited and that the positive effects may last for a longer period of time than the duration of the use of regular cigarettes. However, most medical experts will advise against using an e-Cig as part of your tobacco cessation program.

An e-Cig can help you stop smoking in a safe and easy way. Just like any other quitting program, you must find the right way to quit. Once you have found your own personal way to quit smoking, you need to stick with it! If you use an e-Cig, you may experience the benefits of using the device while you continue to smoke with it.