Everyone has good intentions to quit smoking, but most people fail. Use the advice from this article to learn how you can stop smoking today and never look back. Take this information and put it to good use in order to finally drop the habit for good.

Tell yourself you need to go for a walk first, or try to drink a glass of water prior to smoking. If you do end up smoking a cigarette, the delay may at least reduce your smoking for that day.

TIP! Rest is key if you want to seriously quit smoking. Some find that they crave cigarettes more when they stay up late.

Let your family and friends in on the secret that you plan to quit smoking.When you let people know your plans, they will motivate you to stay committed. This might be the extra push that you need to stay on track with your quitting plan.

Make a list of what methods you quit. Each person is unique way to taking care of things done. It is important to find out which strategy is best options are. Making a list for yourself will help you reach your goal.

Exercise will also help you in stress relief as well. If you do not currently exercise regularly, try to begin slow by taking walks once or twice daily. Speak to a physician before you start any kind of exercise routine.

TIP! Get the support of your loved ones, so you can quit smoking more easily. It’s key that you leverage their support, but tell them not to judge you.

For instance, when you haven’t smoked for a week, treat yourself to a movie. After one tobacco-free month, give yourself a nice dinner at a restaurant you don’t usually go to. Continue on like this to gradually increase the rewards to work towards until you forget about smoking any more.

In order to prevent giving in to your nicotine withdrawal symptoms, look for healthier methods on how to deal with stress. You may find that some effective alternatives include exercising, massage, or strenuous exercise during peak cravings. When you’ve got down time, distract yourself with friends, such as good books, scheduled chats with friends or new games.

Let your loved ones know that you plan to stop smoking. They have your back and they will help remind you keep your goal in sight. A support system is an essential tool. This will help you significantly increase your chances of finally being smoke free for life.

TIP! If you decide to stop smoking and do not want to go cold turkey, consider nicotine replacement therapy. These products deliver small doses of nicotine to your body to help wean off the addiction without the pain and stress of withdrawal.

Cut back on how much you quit. This will assist you in starting out your journey to stop smoking. Try waiting at least one hour before you smoke your first morning cigarette. You can smoke half a cigarette rather than a time to cut back on your smoking.

If you are an indoor smoker, give it a complete scrub-down, once you have quit. Wash and paint your walls, including: carpeting, drapery and curtains, walls and any other type of surface coverings. This will make your home smell clean, and a smoky smell will not greet you whenever you enter your home.

You need to do everything possible to keep your determination and motivation in sight at all times. This could involve you gluing motivational posters and messages to the walls at your work office, or wearing a bracelet that symbolizes your intentions.

TIP! When it’s time to give up smoking, take care to stay away from the triggers that make you feel like having a cigarette. You may associate smoking with driving or reading.

You can probably convince yourself one smoke won’t hurt your progress, but it may undo a lot of dedication and hard work. Keep your goals and motivation in mind so that “just one” may do a lot of damage.

Instead of viewing quitting as a sacrifice, see it as a gift to yourself. Keep thinking about all the positive effects this will have on your life, and that there are far more reasons to quit than to keep smoking. This keeps you a good reason to quit and makes quitting seem immediately important.

Get rid of all the ashtrays and lighters you may have around your home.Wash your clothes and remember to clean your house to remove the smell of smoke. Doing this can ensure you of smoking from triggering your craving for a cigarette.

Counseling can help you stop smoking. There are sometimes emotional reasons that contribute to a person’s smoking habit. If you resolve your issues, it becomes easier to stop smoking.

Make a mantra of your top reasons why you are quitting smoking. Every time you feel your resolve wavering, repeat the reasons you’re quitting until you don’t crave tobacco. This is an easy way to use your mental strength to overpower the withdrawal yearnings you might encounter and refocus it on things that are important than smoking.

Many people who stop smoking carry hard candy or gum with them. Others find electronic cigarettes to be quite useful.

TIP! One strategy to help you quit smoking is to make a brand switch. Give up your preferred brand to one that you find absolutely horrible.

Use sense when it comes to eating.Don’t try and do too much at once like diet while you are in the middle of quitting smoking. You should eat in a balanced and healthy diet.Smoking probably affected the way that healthy foods like fruits, fresh vegetables and some dairy products. Eating these types of food items may help you quit smoking.

Let your friends and acquaintances know you want to quit.If many people are aware that you’re quitting, then all of them can hold you accountable. You won’t want to disappoint your loved ones or become embarrassed that you keep smoking and fall short of what they expect from you. This type of motivation can help you stay away from smoking cigarettes when times are tough.

Don’t try to stop smoking just because of other people. Although you care a great deal about your family and friends, you need to make the real commitment to quit for yourself. Quitting smoking can be a great gift to give to yourself and your family, and you know you will never disappoint the recipient if you stick to your word.

TIP! Try to reduce smoking at all costs to improve health. That will help you slowly begin your journey to quit smoking.

Finally releasing yourself from the grips of your smoking addiction will open your life to a happy and healthy future. You do not have to feel regret if you go for it and quit today.