UChicago Medicine Cardiologists Dr. Tamar Polonsky and Dr. Amita Singh discuss ways to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, types of non-invasive diagnostics and cardiac imaging available, and how women can help manage existing heart disease.

Table of Contents

0:00:00​​​​ Introduction
0:02:01 How common is heart disease in women today?
0:03:16 Are women of color more at risk for heart disease?
0:05:49 What are the risk factors of heart disease?
0:09:31 What are your cholesterol numbers supposed to be?
0:12:34 How does blood pressure factor in?
0:15:50 What screening should young adults have?
0:17:58 How often should someone see their primary care physician for a screen?
0:19:16 When should someone start seeing a cardiologist for their heart health?
0:22:04 How does one know if they are at risk for diabetes?
0:24:17 Is there a chance that blood pressure medications could be discontinued down the road?
0:25:26 Should I get checked if I’m having chest pain often?
0:26:23 What different symptoms could women have than men do if they’re having heart issues?
0:28:33 Should people who have had COVID see a cardiologist after recovering?